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What are the hottest shoes?
2022-11-21 09:13 WHAT ARE THE HOTTEST SHOES of 2022?   Leave your red bottoms in the closet- or don't; We're looking at the HOTTEST shoes of 2022.    Millions of "sneakers heads" worldwide have made a hobby- and some even a career, out of collecting and flippin...
Passive Income. Forever.
2022-11-14 12:29 Millions of customers: "The Easiest way to crypto". NOW AN EASY WAY TO EARN PASSIVELY RUN - DON'T TIP-TOE - GET PAID FROM CRYPTO       Residual IncoME- BECause Who doesn't like money, right?  I hope you caught bitcoin several years ago like...
DOT-WHAT!?- Domains & TLDs; A Modern-Day Land Grab (Pt.1)
2022-11-10 21:44 What is a domain?   ""... "______.Net" tHOSE-entire srtrings are referred toas RE DomainS, quite literally; A DOMAIN Represents an IP address- in a more easily-readable, and more easily-memorable way. DomaiN NAMES ARE POINTED TO SERVERS T...
WHAT IS THIS.LOL? Great question! Besides A Common Typo, This.Lol - Is My Way Of Giving Back - I'LL EXPLAIN... 
2022-11-10 14:26 After more than a decade on Wall Street, all work and no play had made Josh a dull boy. As good as I may have been at picking undervalued stocks and convincing Presidents, Owners, and CEO's to accumulate positions in said stocks under my management -...

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